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Books & Resources

For over 25 years, Robin Linker & Associates, Inc. has been a proud supporter, author and distributor, passing significant discounts for numerous medical resources, software, books, etc., including products from the American Medical Association (AMA); Optum Insight and other prestigious publishers to our clients.

Plus, we have a 100% guarantee if the product doesn't meet your expectations for a full return within 30-60 days. Simply return it for a refund.

Only certain approved recommended resources for the CPC, COC (former CPC-H), CPC-P, CCS-P and other national coding certification credentialing exams are approved and are used for training.  These are being provided at a substantial discount and are REQUIRED for the exams. Special bundle rates for required resources are available at the time of course registration.

Auditing certification exams require the same core resources however additional resources are allowed for certain AHCAE credentials.

Products ordered through the website are subject to verification prior to shipping. Some products such as the Coding Certification Courses and Intensive Chart Auditing workshops and will be delivered to workshop attendees on the first date of the training.

Contact us through the link at the bottom of the page for the 2023 Discounted Price List and Order Form!