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E/M Coding and Auditing Workshop!

 Virtual! - Email for dates!

Approved for CEUs!

Groups: Private / tailored workshops are available for remote or onsite!


Evaluation and Management (E/M):
Do you know what those changes are?  How about correct interpretation and application?

Join us for an in-depth look at the E/M Office Visit and other E/M code changes and learn correctly how to code. Plus, we'll discuss the auditing issues they bring and will teach attendees what to look for when auditing. This 4 hour seminar will provide necessary instruction for participants to keep pace with the changes.with E/M accurate submissions for reimbursement.

Gain exclusive access to CPT expert trainers and American Medical Association authors. The workshop provides a thorough review of the changes to provide professionals with key knowledge necessary for a compliant and defensible medical record. Excellent resources will be given to take away! 

 Features for this workshop attendees receive!

  • Conquer major E/M changes with the new and most recent revised guidelines, MDM definitions and application! Takeaway documentation and auditing tips!
  • Get detailed explanation of the guidelines with examples for application.
  • CMS changes to EM office/outpatient services are critical, learn what's recently changed.
  • New prolonged attendance service codes from CPT and what to use for Medicare will be taught with examples and differences.
  • Time vs. MDM for level selection, along with proper documentation review.
  • Expert-led by AMA authors / instructors to be sure you're learning the right way.
    Hands-on examples and cases to work through!
  • CEU Certificate for CEUs!

The workshop will also provide key insight to essential compliance focus. Let our experts steer you in compliance with a fundamental understanding for accurate application of the changes for risk reduction and accurate reimbursement!


*Private workshops are available to schedule. Physician training can be tailored to specialty and sessions can be scheduled for early, to late evening. Session lengths can also be tailored to meet provider needs. Please email RLAcode@comcast.net for tailored rate and training.


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2023 E/M Coding and Auditing Workshop!

Date of the event:
Virtual! Inquire for dates and time!
Virtual Meeting Information:
Additional information will be emailed upon registration.