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2023 E/M Coding and Auditing Workshop!

“2023 Evaluation and Management (E/M) Updates!”



Approved for 4 CEUs!

Groups: Private / tailored workshops are available for remote or onsite!


Evaluation and Management (E/M) Changes for 2023!
Do you know what those changes are?  How about correct interpretation and application?

Join us for an in-depth look at the 2023 E/M Office Visit and other E/M code changes and learn correctly how to code. Plus, we'll discuss the auditing issues they bring and will teach attendees what to look for when auditing. This 4 hour seminar will provide necessary instruction for participants to keep pace with the changes.with E/M accurate submissions for reimbursement.

Gain exclusive access to CPT expert trainers and American Medical Association authors. The workshop provides a thorough review of the changes to provide professionals with key knowledge necessary for a compliant and defensible medical record. Excellent resources will be given to take away! 

 Features for this workshop attendees receive!

  • Conquer major E/M changes for 2023 with the new and most recent revised guidelines, MDM definitions and application! Takeaway documentation and auditing tips!
  • Get detailed explanation of the guidelines with examples for application.
  • CMS changes to EM office/outpatient services are critical, learn what's recently changed.
  • New prolonged attendance service codes from CPT and what to use for Medicare will be taught with examples and differences.
  • Time vs. MDM for level selection, along with proper documentation review.
  • Expert-led by AMA authors / instructors to be sure you're learning the right way.
    Hands-on examples and cases to work through!
  • CEU Certificate for 4 CEUs!

The workshop will also provide key insight to essential compliance focus. Let our experts steer you in compliance with a fundamental understanding for accurate application of the changes for risk reduction and accurate reimbursement!


*Private workshops are available to schedule, please email RLAcode@comcast.net

“2023 EM Services Update!”

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2023 E/M Coding and Auditing Workshop!

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